Russ Wilcox has provided an update on the health of Lewis Turner and Chris Atkinson, after both missed our Boxing Day clash with Bradford (Park Avenue) through illness.

For Lewis Turner, this was his second-straight game missed through illness, whilst Chris Atkinson was unavailable, having only just returned from injury in last week’s FA Trophy success.

Following yesterday’s game, Wilcox said: “Lewis is really struggling, he’s been ill a while now.

“We were hoping we were going to get him back today to be on the bench or play some role, but I’ve spoken to him most days over the last five or six days to just see how he is, and he’s nowhere near.

“I got a message off Chris this morning, he’s just starting with the flu symptoms, so we wish them both well.

“Then we’ve got Bobby Johnson who’s been amazing to play through, that’s why we brought him off, it’s amazing that he’s played, he’s been ill, played the full game the other night and then again today (Boxing Day).

“There’s a few snuffles in there, Jimmy’s not feeling great, there’s a few others as well, but we’ve still got a few days to go yet (before New Year’s Day).”