Our new ‘Volunteer Corner’ feature sees us introduce all the volunteers who help out at Farsley Celtic, getting to know them and their role at the club.

This week, it’s Joint Head of Development Eray Altinoluk.

How did you get involved in volunteering at Farsley?

The previous Head of development approached me back in 2019, as I had been coaching in the development set-up for the past 18 months or so.

I knew the Farsley Celtic set-up well and I knew that my group of players would be benefited from my involvement.

What does your role at Farsley involve?

As the Head of Development, the role I do alongside Pav Singh, my job is to support all the boys and girls teams in our development setup, and work with the coaches and players to ensure everyone has the best opportunity to enjoy themselves at Farsley and succeed!

I also manage our Under 15s Whites side, which is a team I have been with for some
time now—they have been very successful as well, which always makes it more enjoyable!

I’m also now looking after one of our pre-scholars, academy, teams, an Under 15s side
that competes in the Junior Premier League.

What do you do on a matchday? 

My weekends tend to be very busy, as they’re split between the development set-up and helping out at the Citadel when the First Team are at home!

On a Saturday, I’ll do anything needed when the First Team are at home, such as looking after the gate.

Then on a Sunday with my under 15s, matchday is quite an enjoyable experience as when you are a manager of a talented group you always look forward to watching them and hoping to see some of the drills we have worked on displayed during the match.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

The most enjoyable thing is seeing players develop and achieve their goals, because my main focus is to share my knowledge with players to make them not just successful on the pitch, but successful off it as well – hopefully they go on to further their football journey, but if not we still hope to have made a positive impact on them!

What does the club mean to you?

Farsley Celtic is a special club for the local community, and for me also the club that gave me the opportunity to help youths and kids.

Farsley is a club that is full of amazing people involved, and I have made great lifetime friends through my involvement.

What have been your favourite moments involved in the development set-up?

The end of every season brings a new favourite moment for me because of the success that our development teams achieve, and seeing all our players happy is what makes you want to be involved.

Also seeing my own team winning tournaments and challenging the bigger teams are the big memorable moments for me.

What’s your favourite Farsley memory?

Aside from my involvement in the development section, I would have to say it was when we won the NPL Premier Division in 2019.

What a great day that was, and one I’m sure we’ll all never forget!

Who is your all-time favourite Farsley player and why?

I cannot say just one, so I’ll have to name a few!

Jimmy Spencer is probably the player that springs to mind first, he is the player that has the real ability to surprise and wow on the pitch.

During his time at Farsley, he has scored some excellent and vital goals, and delivered some very memorable moments – his off-ball acts often just as much!

Wakka (Paul Walker ) is another one, another Farsley legend who can’t be ignored, the sort of player that always made the game worth watching.

I’ve always been impressed by the passions and attitude of Luke Parkin which I think warrants a mention here.

Finally, a couple of players who weren’t with us for long – Paddy Lane with his skills and speed, and Kennedy Digie who was a rock at the back. I have fond memories of both of those in a Farsley shirt.

So not one favourite player, but a few that I have enjoyed watching!

Interested in joining us as a volunteer?

We have a wide range of matchday roles available, with something to suit everyone – if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch via jgreaves@farsleyceltic.com.