Our new ‘Volunteer Corner’ feature sees us introduce all the volunteers who help out at Farsley Celtic, getting to know them and their role at the club.

First up is Head of Football Administration Caroline Harriman.

How did you get involved in volunteering at Farsley?

To be honest, I started off being a bossy parent helping in my son’s team; he now plays in the U17s.

In 2015 Josh asked me if I would take on the role of Club Welfare Officer and sold it to me as about one hours work a week and I would be “the Mum of the club!”

I found this role immensely rewarding but very challenging, it is one of the most important roles in any football club.

From there I progressed to Development Secretary looking after our 25+ junior teams and then Assistant Club Secretary.

In late 2019 I was promoted to Head of Football Administration (or more commonly known as Club Secretary).

What does your role at Farsley involve?

I am the single point of contact for all football associated matters across the club; this includes the first team, women’s team, academy teams and our many junior teams!

Fortunately, there any many other volunteers at the club who support me, and we definitely work well as a team, and I can delegate some tasks.

The majority of my time is spent dealing with first-team matters, such as player registrations/contracts, discipline, match arrangements and making sure we are compliant with the many FA and league rules.

I also run the first team match day operations and am generally the organiser of football matters.

What do you do on a matchday?

I run match day operations; it is exhausting but I love it.

There is lots of preparation done in advance of match day, but I still always find myself rushing around!

Matchday operation includes communication with the opposition, match officials, scouts and media personnel, briefing the stewards, organising the gates and documenting the match information so I can report it to the league after the game.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

Two things: I take great joy in being part of the team who provides football for over 350 children in our community.

I also enjoy generally being around people, getting to know individuals and mostly chatting.

I suppose I simply like people!

What does the club mean to you?

Farsley Celtic is absolutely in my heart, and I am very passionate about it.

In fact, I am too passionate sometimes, I usually have a lot to say about all club matters!

I have had to learn to concentrate on things within my control only and occasionally have to tell myself to “wind my neck in”.

I suppose I naturally want to take the lead and sometimes need my wings clipping (if Josh is reading this, he will definitely agree lol).

What’s your favourite Farsley memory?

Great question!

The obvious answer would be getting promoted to the National League North which was fabulous!

But actually, I want to say staying up last season.

The emotion of the last few weeks was incredible and then the way we stayed up was so intense.

I remember Russ messaging me on the morning of our final game against Boston saying, “are you ready for a rollercoaster” and my goodness was he right.

The celebrations in the clubhouse afterwards and several renditions of Sweet Caroline were memorable too.

Who is your all-time favourite Farsley player and why?

I am immediately thinking of players I get on well with and have banter with, rather than football ability, which is typical me!

I am back to liking people again, aren’t I?

Many past and present players come to mind so it would be unfair to just name one.

Interested in joining us as a volunteer?

We have a wide range of matchday roles available, with something to suit everyone – if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch via jgreaves@farsleyceltic.com.