Chairman’s Update : Men’s First team recruitment and support staff.

Towards the end of last season and in the weeks since, we have been working diligently to ensure the correct recruitment strategies were put in place to deliver a more balanced squad with a greater competitive edge and depth to the squad than we have had previously.

This culminated in the presentation of a number of new recruits two weeks ago and the signing of more players last week. For those present on that open day they will have heard Pav’s presentation on our Farsley Celtic ethos and our future vision of bringing everyone associated with the club together and creating a more family atmosphere, and how that played a big role in the player recruitment targeting personalities of the players as well as their on field abilities.

To facilitate this we have also increased our off field support structure team, by bringing in former first team player and coach Gary Chapman along with former manager of Route One and Silsden U23s, Sokii Abbas, who we are delighted to have them join us as Performance Analysts and Recruitment leads.

Both Gary and Sokii have strong links across both youth and senior men’s football. For example, Sokii played a significant role in the development of Robbie Fox during his time at Silsden U23s before Robbie moved to Albion Sports where he became a big hit, and will now wear the green and white of Farsley next season.

Director of Football Pav stated: “I am delighted to have these two on board. Analysis and breaking down clips are their expertise and strength, as well as identifying young talent and players who fit our ethos.”

Gary and Sokii will also be a resource for the Emerging Talent, Talent ID squads, U23s and B Team. They will support both Luke Dean (Emerging Talent Lead) and Clifton Robinson (Recruit lead 14-23) where possible.

As of next season we will also be bringing back the Farsley Celtic B team, and the Farsley Celtic U23’s, both of which will see significant impact on our pathway to first team.

The success of our Emerging Talent squad and first team pathway, that was only set up last season has seen players Liam Wilson, Will Morrissey and Tom Priestley-Standing given first team squad numbers for this season. As a chairman and as a fan seeing young talent come from within our own structures to earn first team squad numbers is very pleasing.

It is impossible to ignore that in the last two years every aspect of the club has seen significant improvement and growth. Most visibly on the pitch, with the ETS success’s of last season, the women’s section, the teams across our fantastic development section and of course our all conquering deaf team. We are growing and improving all the time. As stated next season sees the introduction of the men’s reserves, men’s U23’s, the veteran’s team and a significant strengthening of our footballing support structures within the club to help this progression and growth, we are very happy with the way we are developing and growing in relation to our long term strategic goals.

Pav as our director of football has been instrumental in much of this, along with Sue, Paul, Luke and Eray. (The directors and heads of each of our footballing divisions) much of their work goes unrecognised, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their efforts, along with all of their support staffs, coaches and of course players!

We also are proud to announce that Pav will also become an Executive Director of the club, formally going on the companies house registration. For me this is particularly pleasing as a former player and local guy coming back to the club he loves after many years and putting in the efforts he has to get us where we are today with a bright future, is a story you don’t hear very often! So this is well deserved recognition.

Pav stated – “I am incredibly honored and excited to be promoted to the position of Executive Director at Farsley Celtic. This club has always held a special place in my heart, and I am deeply committed to our shared vision for the future.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the board, the staff, the players, and, most importantly, our amazing fans for their unwavering support. Together, we have achieved so much, and I am confident that we will continue to build on this strong foundation.

“As we look ahead, my focus will be on driving the club forward both on and off the pitch, ensuring we achieve our goals and make our supporters proud. Here’s to an exciting new chapter for Farsley Celtic”