Good evening everyone!
You may recall in one of my previous updates I mentioned that we were going to be offering a free of charge foundation level introductory course in British Sign Language.
Well we have now managed to put together a six-week course, (not being taught by me, you will be pleased to hear) that’s one hour per week with a qualified tutor to be held at The Nest Bar.
The course is designed to teach you the basics of sign language, providing the foundations of sign communication and allow you to hold basic conversations and identify signs and letters.
Part of this course (not included in the six hours) will be to attend one of our deaf matches (Sunday, 17 March) to meet our deaf players, and communicate with them and the fans, many of whom are hard of hearing at the game. We will also add you to a what’s app group, where we will share learning materials and support you with any additional requirements.
Places are limited, but this will be a rolling programme, so if you don’t get on the first course, we will after 6 weeks be running a further course and so on.
The first lesson will begin at 6:30 – 7:30 on Wednesday 28th February.
If you are interested please send your name to
You will recieve an e-mail letting you know if you are on the first or second course (6 weeks later) within 24 hours.
I would ask, that as places are limited and the club is covering my the cost of the tutor, please only sign up if you feel you will be available for all six lessons and the match.
I look forward to seeing you soon!