Talented Leeds-based graffiti artist Caenan Smith has been working on an amazing graffiti mural on the wall of The Nest Bar during the past week.

And fans will be in for a real treat at the next home game when they see more of his artwork inside the ground, which includes some special nods to popular Celt Army terrace chants!

Caenan Smith, left, hard at work with our new club mural.

Caenan, of CT Murals, has been painting murals for three years, but this is the first football club he’s done.

“The mural is colourful and bright and a great way of reaching out to fans, particularly the younger ones,” Caenan said. “I love creating art, and painting in different styles. I hope the fans like it and that we’ve done Farsley Celtic proud.”

The artwork at the front of the clubhouse features the club crest in a contemporary and raw way.

Green and white army! Getting to work on the new mural. Photo: John Baron/Farsley Celtic

Farsley Celtic chairman Paul Barthorpe said the artwork was a way of communicating with fans. He said: “I wanted to do something modern and colourful which would reach out and touch fans in a way that is more visible than just words. No other club will have this kind of art at their ground!

“We are moving forward with ground improvements and some are more visible than others – for instance we’re investing heavily in the home changing rooms and back of house, which fans don’t see. We wanted to do something visual to show that we are moving forward as a club.

“We’re doing something different with this and Caenan’s work looks fantastic.”

The Nest Bar has been brightened up by this graffiti mural.

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